Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NCAA Football (September 5th)

In case you forgot how we do this, you get one point for predicting the right winner and two points for beating the spread. There is also a 5 point bonus for getting the correct winning margin and a 10 point bonus for getting the correct final score.

Once again, what that means is this.

You get the wrong winner, and fail to beat the spread (0pts)
You get the right winner, but fail to beat the spread (1pt)
You get the wrong winner, but manage to beat the spread (2pts)
You get the right winner, and manage to beat the spread (3pts)
You get the right winner by the exact winning margin (5pts)
You get the exact final score for both teams (10pts)

Saturday, September 5th

(13) Georgia (+5.5) at (9) Oklahoma State

Actual Score: Oklahoma State 24-10
Carmen: Oklahoma State 24-17 (3pts)
Jeff: Georgia 33-28 (0pts)
Kubatski: Oklahoma State 23-20 (1pt)
Kubatski Sr: Oklahoma State 34-27 (3pts)
Marty: Oklahoma State 24-17 (3pts)
McClain: NONE (-1pt)
Murray: Georgia 28-24 (0pts)
Paulie: Oklahoma State 28-21 (3pts)
Princess G: Oklahoma State 21-14 (3pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Oklahoma State 27-17 (3pts)
Scott: Georgia 33-27 (0pts)
Wild Bill: Oklahoma State 31-21 (3pts)

Missouri (+6.5) at Illinois (at St. Louis, MO)

Actual Score: Missouri 37-9
Carmen: Illinois 24-21 (2pts)
Jeff: Illinois 42-30 (0pts)
Kubatski: Illinois 24-21 (2pts)
Kubatski Sr: Illinois 38-28 (0pts)
Marty: Illinois 24-10 (0pts)
McClain: NONE
Murray: Missouri 35-28 (3pts)
Paulie: Illinois 34-24 (0pts)
Princess G: Illinois 24-21 (2pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Illinois 27-17 (0pts)
Scott: Illinois 44-31 (0pts)
Wild Bill: Illinois 31-17 (0pts)

(20) BYU (+21.5) at (3) Oklahoma (at Arlington, TX)

Actual Score: BYU 14-13
Carmen: Oklahoma 38-21 (2pts)
Jeff: Oklahoma 56-21 (0pts)
Kubatski: Oklahoma 45-10 (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Oklahoma 40-20 (2pts)
Marty: Oklahoma 35-21 (2pts)
McClain: NONE
Murray: Oklahoma 42-17
Paulie: Oklahoma 44-20 (0pts)
Princess G: Oklahoma 42-14 (0pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Oklahoma 42-21 (2pts)
Scott: Oklahoma 34-17 (2pts)
Wild Bill: Oklahoma 31-10 (2pts)

(5) Alabama (-3.5) at (7) Virginia Tech (at Atlanta, GA)

Actual Score: Alabama 34-24
Carmen: Alabama 27-21 (3pts)
Jeff: Alabama 27-24 (1pt)
Kubatski: Alabama 14-10 (3pts)
Kubatski Sr: Alabama 24-17 (3pts)
Marty: Virginia Tech 24-20 (0pts)
McClain: NONE
Murray: Virginia Tech 24-20 (0pts)
Paulie: Alabama 24-13 (3pts)
Princess G: Alabama 24-21 (1pt)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Alabama 17-13 (3pts)
Scott: Alabama 19-10 (3pts)
Wild Bill: Virginia Tech 24-21

Monday, September 6th

Miami (FL) (+4.5) at (18) Florida State

Actual Score: Miami 38-34
Carmen: Florida State 24-17 (0pts)
Jeff: Florida State 35-28 (0pts)
Kubatski: Florida State 24-17 (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Miami 27-24 (3pts)
Marty: Florida State 30-24 (0pts)
McClain: NONE
Murray: Florida State 28-21
Paulie: Florida State 31-21 (0pts)
Princess G: Florida State 21-14 (0pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Florida State 24-13 (0pts)
Scott: Florida State 26-21 (0pts)
Wild Bill: Florida State 34-27 (0pts)

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