Tuesday, February 24, 2009

General Business

The March 1st deadline for serious players to pony up is quickly approaching. So far only 2 players (Jeff and Murray) have had the guts to buy in.

Last week I asked for suggestions for a way to let Scott play without punishing him for a late start. I had a few suggestions and the most common seems to be to give him some sort of head start. There are different ways that this was proposed, but the two most common are below. Option 1 was more popular.

Option 1. Give him the same amount of points as the last place competitor (not including Aaron since he went AWOL early and often) at the time of his first prediction. This seems the fairest since he doesn't gain an advantage on anyone in the field.

Option 2. Give him the average amount of points that everyone had scored at the time of his first prediction.

I'm leaning toward Option 1, but I want to make sure that it is an acceptable option for all involved (all that are buying in that is...so if you don't have the guts to put your money where your mouth is I don't give a damn what you think).

If you are going to buy in, let me know soon. Mail it, wire it, give it to someone who will see me, bring it to poker night (this Friday by the way) or use a carrier pidgeon. Just get it to me soon.

Standings (Through Feb. 22)

New standings:

Marty: 147
Carmen: 144
Kubatski: 142
Paulie: 136
Murray: 127
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: 120
Kubatski Sr.: 118
McClain: 118
Ryan G: 113
Wade: 112
Jeff: 106
Wild Bill: 106
Princess G: 103
Scott: 86

Monday, February 23, 2009

NBA Game of the Week (Mar. 1)

Apparantly, this Sunday is an NBA double-header on ABC....It's FANtastic!

Sunday, March 1

Detroit Pistons (+9.5) @ Boston Celtics

Actual Score: Pistons 105-95
Carmen: Celtics 106-92 (0pts)
Jeff: Celtics 122-101 (0pts)
Kubatski: Celtics 110-103 (2pts)
Kubatski Sr: Celtics 91-80 (0pts)
Marty: Celtics 112-98 (0pts)
McClain: NONE (-1pt)
Murray: Celtics 112-95 (0pts)
Paulie: Celtics 105-92 (0pts)
Princess G: Celtics 99-89 (0pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Celtics 102-90 (0pts)
Ryan G: Celtics 97-95 (2pts)
Scott: Celtics 97-85 (0pts)
Wade: Celtics 107-103 (2pts)
Wild Bill: Celtics 105-91

Los Angeles Lakers (-6.5) @ Phoenix Suns

Actual Score: Suns 118-111
Carmen: Lakers 108-105 (2pts)
Jeff: Lakers 114-97 (0pts)
Kubatski: Lakers 125-111 (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Lakers 95-85 (0pts)
Marty: Lakers 124-116 (0pts)
McClain: NONE (-1pt)
Murray: Lakers 97-93 (2pts)
Paulie: Lakers 103-95 (0pts)
Princess G: Lakers 92-88 (2pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Lakers 111-103 (0pts)
Ryan G: Suns 111-108 (3pts)
Scott: Lakers 112-104 (0pts)
Wade: Suns 106-98 (3pts)
Wild Bill: Lakers 105-91

Saturday, February 21, 2009

College Basketball (Week of Feb. 23)

Monday, February 23

(18) Kansas (+2.5) @ (2) Oklahoma

Actual Score: Kansas 87-78 (Griffin - 11p/6r/2a/2s/0b)*
Carmen: Oklahoma 81-77 (0pts)
Jeff: Oklahoma 82-78 (0pts)
Kubatski: Kansas 81-75 (3pts)
Kubatski Sr: Oklahoma 77-72 (0pts)
Marty: Kansas 81-77 (3pts) (Griffin – 0p/0r/0a/0s/0b)
McClain: Oklahoma 71-64 (0pts)
Murray: Kansas 84-79 (3pts)
Paulie: Kansas 75-70 (3pts)
Princess G: Oklahoma 82-68 (0pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Oklahoma 76-70 (0pts)
Ryan G: Oklahoma 81-78 (0pts)
Scott: Oaklahoma 80-71 (0pts)
Wade: NONE (-1pt)
Wild Bill: Kansas 85-78

*Stats compiled by Taylor Griffin of Oklahoma

Wednesday, February 25

(1) Connecticut (-2.5) @ (11) Marquette

Actual Score: Connecticut 93-82
Carmen: Marquette 81-78 (0pts)
Jeff: Marquette 81-74 (0pts)
Kubatski: Connecticut 80-77 (3pts)
Kubatski Sr: Marquette 78-72 (0pts)
Marty: Connecticut 84-77 (3pts)
McClain: Connecticut 68-60 (3pts)
Murray: Connecticut 86-81 (3pts)
Paulie: NONE (-1pt)
Princess G: Connecticut 74-71 (3pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Connecticut 78-76 (1pt)
Ryan G: Marquette 77-75 (0pts)
Scott: Connecticut 83-75 (3pts)
Wade: Connecticut 81-78 (3pts)
Wild Bill: Connecticut 89-81

Thursday, February 26

(11) Arizona State (+4.5) @ (19) Washington

Actual Score: Washington 73-70 (OT)
Carmen: Washington 78-73 (1pt)
Jeff: Arizona State 73-66 (2pts)
Kubatski: Washington 76-71 (1pt)
Kubatski Sr: Washington 85-77 (1pt)
Marty: Arizona State 72-66 (2pts)
McClain: Washington 66-62 (3pts)
Murray: Washington 85-77 (1pt)
Paulie: Arizona State 73-65 (2pts)
Princess G: Washington 75-68 (1pt)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Washington 76-73 (5pts)
Ryan G: Washington 78-74 (3pts)
Scott: Washington 81-78 (5pts)
Wade: Washington 76-75 (3pts)
Wild Bill: Washington 79-75

Saturday, February 28th

(24) LSU (+4.5) @ Kentucky

Actual Score: LSU 73-70
Carmen: Kentucky 77-74 (2pts)
Jeff: Kentucky 78-64 (0pts)
Kubatski: LSU 76-72 (3pts)
Kubatski Sr: LSU 81-78 (5pts)
Marty: LSU 73-69 (3pts)
McClain: LSU 68-60 (3pts)
Murray: Kentucky 75-68 (0pts)
Paulie: LSU 77-65 (3pts)
Princess G: LSU 75-68 (3pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Kentucky 76-74 (2pts)
Ryan G: Kentucky 80-79 (2pts)
Scott: LSU 85-78 (3pts)
Wade: LSU 77-65 (3pts)
Wild Bill: LSU 75-69

Texas (+2.5) @ Oklahoma State

Actual Score: Oklahoma State 68-59
Carmen: Texas 79-75 (0pts)
Jeff: Texas 79-70 (0pts)
Kubatski: Oklahoma State 73-71 (1pt)
Kubatski Sr: Texas 87-79 (0pts)
Marty: Texas 84-79 (0pts)
McClain: Texas 65-60 (0pts)
Murray: Texas 75-67 (0pts)
Paulie: Texas 87-70 (0pts)
Princess G: Texas 71-70 (0pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Texas 83-80 (0pts)
Ryan G: Oklahoma State 72-71 (1pt)
Scott: Texas 75-68 (0pts)
Wade: Texas 73-70 (0pts)
Wild Bill: Texas 88-78

Sunday, March 1

(11) Marquette (+9.5) @ (7) Louisville

Actual Score: Louisville 62-58
Carmen: Louisville 80-74 (3pts)
Jeff: Louisville 78-66 (1pt)
Kubatski: Louisville 76-71 (3pts)
Kubatski Sr: Louisville 88-78 (1pt)
Marty: Louisville 91-84 (3pts)
McClain: Louisville 65-59 (3pts)
Murray: Louisville 86-79 (3pts)
Paulie: Louisville 75-73 (3pts)
Princess G: Marquette 75-68 (2pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Louisville 78-72 (3pts)
Ryan G: Louisville 79-78 (3pts)
Scott: Louisville 81-75 (3pts)
Wade: Marquette 79-70 (2pts)
Wild Bill: Louisville 87-79

(5) Michigan State (+1.5) @ (16) Illinois

Actual Score: Michigan State 74-66
Carmen: Michigan State 70-67 (3pts)
Jeff: Michigan State 60-54 (3pts)
Kubatski: Michigan State 63-59 (3pts)
Kubatski Sr: Michigan State 71-66 (3pts)
Marty: Illinois 66-65 (2pts)
McClain: Michigan State 62-55 (3pts)
Murray: Illinois 73-67 (0pts)
Paulie: Michigan State 70-61 (3pts)
Princess G: Michigan State 72-68 (3pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Illinois 63-61 (0pts)
Ryan G: Illinois 72-71 (2pts)
Scott: Michigan State 76-70 (3pts)
Wade: Illinois 69-66 (0pts)
Wild Bill: Illinois 73-71

(10) Missouri (+4.5) @ (18) Kansas

Actual Score: Kansas 90-65
Carmen: Kansas 79-75 (1pt)
Jeff: Missouri 81-80 (0pts)
Kubatski: Kansas 73-68 (3pts)
Kubatski Sr: Kansas 76-68 (3pts)
Marty: Kansas 70-64 (3pts)
McClain: Kansas 65-58 (3pts)
Murray: Kansas 82-79 (1pt)
Paulie: Kansas 65-60 (3pts)
Princess G: Kansas 79-72 (3pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Kansas 72-69 (1pt)
Ryan G: Kansas 80-78 (1pt)
Scott: Kansas 87-80 (3pts)
Wade: Kansas 71-68 (1pt)
Wild Bill: Kansas 78-72

Monday, February 16, 2009

General Business

Scott asked a valid question the other day. Can we agree to handicap the standings so that he can play for the money. If so how do we do it. I have an idea how but I want to hear your suggestions before I make a final decision. Let me know your thoughts.

Don't forget the March 1st deadline.

Aaron, I'm taking you off the board under the assumption that you are no longer playing.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Nextel Cup

I had a suggestion (although the person didn't sign it, so I can't give them credit) that we pick a Nextel Cup winner now before the season starts. I thought it was a good idea so I ran with it. Obviously, this is short notice since the first race is this weekend so the deadline is the going to be next Friday (February 20th).

Submit 3 names in order.


15 points - your first choice wins the Nextel Cup
10 points - your second choice wins the Nextel Cup
5 points - your third choice wins the Nextel Cup

2 bonus points - one of your three choices finishes 2nd
1 bonus point - one of your three choices finishes 3rd

Actual Finish: (1) Jimmie Johnson, (2) Mark Martin, (3) Jeff Gordon
Carmen: Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick (0pts)
Jeff: Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, Carl Edwards (15pts)
Kubatski: Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards (10pts)
Kubatski Sr: Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon (16pts)
Marty: Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart (0pts)
McClain: Matt Kenseth, Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards (10pts)
Murray: Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart (16pts)
Paulie: Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch (15pts)
Princess G: Jeff Gordon, Bobby Labonte, Ryan Newman (1pt)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Carl Edwards, Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick (1pt)
Ryan G: Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle (15pts)
Scott: Kyle Busch, Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards (10pts)
Wade: Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon (1pt)
Wild Bill: Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr.

NBA Game of the Week (Feb. 22)

Okay...I've got to get some NBA games on this thing. Here is how I'm going to do it. I don't follow the NBA closely, so I am going to put one game a week on the board. The easiest way for me to pick the "big game" is to go with the Sunday afternoon game on ABC. The nice thing about this is that I can usually post predictions easily on Sunday afternoons so that you can follow your scores on TV. I'm starting next sunday because this weekend is the All-Star break.

This is perfect. I finally post an NBA game and the biggest players in the game are out. Enjoy.

Sunday, February 22

Boston Celtics (+2) @ Phoenix Suns

Actual Score: Celtics 128-108
Carmen: Suns 105-97 (0pts)
Jeff: Celtics 101-87 (3pts)
Kubatski: Celtics 97-86 (3pts)
Kubatski Sr: Celtics 92-85 (3pts)
Marty: Celtics 110-102 (3pts)
McClain: Suns 123-103 (0pts)
Murray: Celtics 98-93 (3pts)
Paulie: Celtics 101-95 (3pts)
Princess G: Celtics 98-86 (3pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Celtics 97-89 (3pts)
Ryan G: Celtics 98-94 (3pts)
Scott: Suns 120-101 (0pts)
Wade: Celtics 107-96 (3pts)
Wild Bill: Celtics 105-96

College Basketball (Week of Feb. 16)

Monday, February 16

(4) Pittsburgh (+3.5) @ (1) Connecticut

Actual Score: Pittsburgh 76-68
Carmen: Connecticut 82-75 (0pts)
Jeff: Pittsburgh 76-60 (3pts)
Kubatski: Pittsburgh 76-70 (3pts)
Kubatski Sr: Pittsburgh 84-79 (3pts)
Marty: Pittsburgh 74-70 (3pts)
McClain: Connecticut 70-63 (0pts)
Murray: Connecticut 86-79 (0pts)
Paulie: NONE (-1pt)
Princess G: Pittsburgh 76-69 (3pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Connecticut 78-69 (0pts)
Ryan G: Connecticut 81-79 (2pts)
Scott: Connecticut 85-80 (0pts)
Wade: Pittsburgh 88-84 (3pts)
Wild Bill: Pittsburgh 79-78

Tuesday, February 17

(9) Michigan State (+2.5) @ (23) Purdue

Actual Score: Purdue 72-54
Carmen: Purdue 70-67 (3pts)
Jeff: Purdue 66-62 (3pts)
Kubatski: Michigan State 61-58 (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Michigan State 71-66 (0pts)
Marty: Michigan State 66-60 (0pts)
McClain: Michigan State 61-53 (0pts)
Murray: Michigan State 74-68 (0pts)
Paulie: NONE (-1pt)
Princess G: Michigan State 76-69 (0pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Michigan State 75-73 (0pts)
Ryan G: Purdue 77-76 (1pt)
Scott: NONE (-1pt)
Wade: Michigan State 78-65 (0pts)
Wild Bill: Michigan State 78-67

Thursday, February 19

(24) Washington (+6.5) @ (6) UCLA

Actual Score: UCLA 85-76
Carmen: UCLA 79-72 (3pts)
Jeff: UCLA 72-71 (1pt)
Kubatski: UCLA 81-72 (5pts)
Kubatski Sr: UCLA 86-81 (1pt)
Marty: UCLA 80-74 (1pt)
McClain: UCLA 74-60 (3pts)
Murray: UCLA 87-78 (5pts)
Paulie: Washington 73-62 (0pts)
Princess G: UCLA 75-68 (3pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: UCLA 83-75 (3pts)
Ryan G: UCLA 76-75 (1pt)
Scott: UCLA 80-73 (3pts)
Wade: UCLA 80-64 (3pts)
Wild Bill: UCLA 79-70

Saturday, February 21

Indiana (+21.5) @ (23) Purdue

Actual Score: Purdue 81-67
Carmen: Purdue 71-56 (3pts)
Jeff: Purdue 69-52 (3pts)
Kubatski: Purdue 74-45 (1pt)
Kubatski Sr: Purdue 78-47 (1pt)
Marty: Purdue 75-57 (3pts)
McClain: Purdue 75-59 (3pts)
Murray: Purdue 74-61 (3pts)
Paulie: Purdue 78-58 (3pts)
Princess G: Purdue 80-72 (3pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Purdue 82-57 (1pt)
Ryan G: Purdue 77-75 (3pts)
Scott: Purdue 80-60 (3pts)
Wade: Purdue 79-63 (3pts)
Wild Bill: Purdue 71-55

(15) Butler (+5.5) @ Davidson

Actual Score: Butler 75-63
Carmen: Butler 72-70 (3pts)
Jeff: Butler 78-70 (3pts)
Kubatski: Butler 70-66 (3pts)
Kubatski Sr: Davidson 84-80 (2pts)
Marty: Davidson 67-65 (2pts)
McClain: Butler 68-58 (3pts)
Murray: Davidson 71-69 (2pts)
Paulie: Butler 67-61 (3pts)
Princess G: Butler 80-67 (3pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Butler 75-72 (3pts)
Ryan G: Davidson 78-77 (2pts)
Scott: Butler 80-76 (3pts)
Wade: Davidson 75-73 (2pts)
Wild Bill: Butler 81-77

Sunday, February 22

(13) Villanova (+6.5) @ (22) Syracuse

Actual Score: Villanova 89-86
Carmen: Syracuse 81 -76 (2pts)
Jeff: Villanova 78-68 (3pts)
Kubatski: Villanova 71-68 (5pts)
Kubatski Sr: Villanova 87-82 (3pts)
Marty: Villanova 74-64 (3pts)
McClain: Syracuse 68-60 (0pts)
Murray: Syracuse 84-78 (2pts)
Paulie: Villanova 79-77 (3pts)
Princess G: Syracuse 72-20 (2pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Villanova 74-70 (3pts)
Ryan G: Syracuse 80-77 (2pts)
Scott: Villanova 80-76 (3pts)
Wade: Villanova 74-68 (3pts)
Wild Bill: Villanova 69-66

(8) Wake Forest (+3.5) @ (5) Duke

Actual Score: Duke 101-91
Carmen: Duke 82-77 (3pts)
Jeff: Duke 70-66 (3pts)
Kubatski: Wake Forest 79-75 (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Duke 77-71 (3pts)
Marty: Wake Forest 84-81 (0pts)
McClain: Duke 80-70 (5pts)
Murray: Wake Forest 77-73 (0pts)
Paulie: Duke 89-86 (1pt)
Princess G: Wake Forest 74-73 (0pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Wake Forest 83-79 (0pts)
Ryan G: Duke 74-73 (1pt)
Scott: Duke 78-70 (3pts)
Wade: Duke 81-68 (3pts)
Wild Bill: Duke 87-76

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Standings (Thru February 8)

Here are the standings through last weeks basketball games. They also include the tennis and the Super Bowl.

Marty: 118
Kubatski: 112
Paulie: 111
Carmen: 106
Murray: 104
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: 99
McClain: 97
Kubatski Sr: 91
Jeff: 87
Ryan G: 85
Wade: 85
Wild Bill: 84
Princess G: 74
Scott: 63
Aaron G: 28

Daytona 500

This weekend is Daytona. I'm not a big race fan, but I will post this race, the Brickyard 500, and the Indianapolis 500.

What I want from you is to predict the top 3 finishers in order.

Scoring will be as follows. You will recieve 2 points for each of your drivers that actually finishes in the top 3. You will receive 3 "bonus" points for each driver that finishes exactly where you said they would within the top 3.

To rephrase:

15 points - 3, exactly right
10 points - 2, exactly right
9 points - 3 finishers, 1 exact
7 points - 2 finishers, 1 exact
6 points - 3 finishers, wrong spots
5 points - 1, exactly right
4 points - 2 finishers, wrong spots
2 points - 1 finisher, wrong spot

Actual Outcome: Matt Kenseth, Kevin Harvick, A.J. Allmendinger
Aaron G: NONE (-1pt)
Carmen: Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick, Jimmie Johnson (5pts)
Jeff: Mark Martin, Jimmie Johnson, Greg Biffle (0pts)
Kubatski: Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr. (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon (2pts)
Marty: Carl Edwards, Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick (2pts)
McClain: Carl Edwards, Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch (0pts)
Murray: Kyle Busch, Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart (0pts)
Paulie: Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch (0pts)
Princess G: Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon (0pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Martin Truex Jr. (0pts)
Ryan G: Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon, Jamie MacMurray (0pts)
Scott: Kyle Busch, Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards (0pts)
Wade: NONE (-1pts)
Wild Bill: Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon

NBA All-Star Weekend

I know that I haven't put an actual NBA game on here yet, and I promise that I will eventually. Last week had several big games that I should have done, but I missed it. However, the All-Star weekend supplies some fun events this Saturday night that I thought might be fun.

Saturday, February 14th

Who will win the H-O-R-S-E competition?

  • Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder)
  • Joe Johnson (Atlanta Hawks)
  • O.J. Mayo (Memphis Grizzlies)

Actual Winner: Durant

Correct Predictions: Kubatski Sr., Ryan G.

Who will win the 3-point shooting contest?

  • Mike Bibby (Atlanta Hawks)
  • Daequan Cook (Miami Heat)
  • Danny Granger (Indiana Pacers)
  • Jason Kapono (Toronto Raptors)
  • Rashard Lewis (Orlando Magic)
  • Roger Mason (San Antonio Spurs)

Actual Winner: Cook

Correct Predictions: None

Who will win the Slam-Dunk contest?

  • Rudy Fernandez (Portland Trail Blazers)
  • Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic)
  • Nate Robinson (New York Knicks)
  • J.R. Smith (Denver Nuggets)

Actual Winner: Robinson

Correct Predictions: "Butters", Scott

Two points will be awarded for a correct prediction.

Five points will be awarded for two correct predictions.

Ten points will be awarded for three correct predictions.

Points Awarded:

2 points each: Kubatski Sr., Ronnie "Butters" Rowe, Ryan G., Scott

-1 point for non-predictions: Aaron G, Wade

Friday, February 6, 2009

College Basketball (Week of Feb. 9)

Tuesday, February 10

(8) Marquette (-5.5) @ (16) Villanova

Actual Score: Villanova 102-84
Aaron G: NONE (-1pt)
Carmen: Marquette 75-69 (0pts)
Jeff: NONE (-1pt)
Kubatski: Villanova 81-77 (3pts)
Kubatski Sr: Marquette 82-75 (0pts)
Marty: Villanova 81-74 (3pts)
McClain: Villanova 67-63 (3pts)
Murray: Villanova 85-76 (3pts)
Paulie: Villanova 75-70 (3pts)
Princess G: Marquette 72-68 (2pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: NONE (-1pt)
Ryan G: Villanova 81-79 (3pts)
Scott: Marquette 85-76 (0pts)
Wade: Marquette 81-72 (0pts)
Wild Bill:
NONE (-1pt)

Wednesday, February 11

(9) Xavier (-2.5) @ Dayton

Actual Score: Dayton 71-58
Aaron G: NONE (-1pt)
Carmen: Xavier 74-70 (0pts)
Jeff: NONE (-1pt)
Kubatski: Xavier 67-66 (2pts)
Kubatski Sr: Xavier 76-68 (0pts)
Marty: Xavier 74-72 (2pts)
McClain: Xavier 66-56 (0pts)
Murray: Xavier 81-75 (0pts)
Paulie: Dayton 62-58 (3pts)
Princess G: Dayton 75-65 (3pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Xavier 75-70 (0pts)
Ryan G: Xavier 77-75 (2pts)
Scott: Xavier 83-70 (0pts)
Wade: Xavier 76-63 (0pts)
Wild Bill:
NONE (-1pt)

(20) Syracuse (+12.5) @ (1) Connecticut

Actual Score: Connecticut 63-49
Aaron G: NONE (-1pt)
Carmen: Connecticut 88-74 (5pts)
Jeff: NONE (-1pt)
Kubatski: Connecticut 71-66 (1pt)
Kubatski Sr: Connecticut 87-71 (3pts)
Marty: Connecticut 81-64 (3pts)
McClain: Connecticut 73-60 (3pts)
Murray: Connecticut 75-71 (1pt)
Paulie: Connecticut 75-61 (5pts)
Princess G: Connecticut 80-65 (3pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Connecticut 76-68 (1pt)
Ryan G: Connecticut 80-75 (1pt)
Scott: Connecticut 85-70 (3pts)
Wade: Connecticut 79-65 (5pts)
Wild Bill:
NONE (-1pt)

(4) North Carolina (-1.5) @ (3) Duke

Actual Score: North Carolina 101-87
Aaron G: NONE (-1pt)
Carmen: North Carolina 89-86 (3pts)
Jeff: NONE (-1pt)
Kubatski: North Carolina 84-77 (3pts)
Kubatski Sr: North Carolina 83-79 (3pts)
Marty: North Carolina 80-74 (3pts)
McClain: Duke 66-63 (0pts)
Murray: North Carolina 74-70 (3pts)
Paulie: Duke 83-80 (0pts)
Princess G: Duke 79-69 (0pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: North Carolina 82-73 (3pts)
Ryan G: Duke 80-79 (0pts)
Scott: Duke 79-75 (0pts)
Wade: North Carolina 73-70 (3pts)
Wild Bill:

Thursday, February 12

(12) UCLA @ (-1.5) (23) Arizona State

Actual Score: Arizona State 74-67
Aaron G: NONE (-1pt)
Carmen: Arizona State 72-69 (3pts)
Jeff: UCLA 84-77 (0pts)
Kubatski: UCLA 77-71 (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: UCLA 83-77 (0pts)
Marty: UCLA 75-70 (0pts)
McClain: UCLA 77-63 (0pts)
Murray: UCLA 83-73 (0pts)
Paulie: UCLA 73-66 (0pts)
Princess G: Arizona State 78-76 (3pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: UCLA 67-60 (0pts)
Ryan G: Arizona State 74-72 (3pts)
Scott: Arizona State 83-81 (3pts)
Wade: UCLA 77-62 (0pts)

Wild Bill: UCLA 79-68 (0pts)

(18) Gonzaga (-4.5) @ Saint Mary's

Actual Score: Gonzaga 72-70
Aaron G: NONE (-1pt)
Carmen: Gonzaga 80-78 (5pts)
Jeff: Gonzaga 69-54 (1pt)
Kubatski: Gonzaga 81-70 (1pt)
Kubatski Sr: Gonzaga 79-71 (1pt)
Marty: Gonzaga 84-72 (1pt)
McClain: Gonzaga 66-55 (1pt)
Murray: Gonzaga 75-67 (1pt)
Paulie: Gonzaga 68-65 (3pts)
Princess G: Gonzaga 78-72 (1pt)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Gonzaga 72-69 (3pts)
Ryan G: St. Mary’s 75-73 (2pts)
Scott: Gonzaga 91-84 (1pt)
Wade: Gonzaga 69-60 (1pt)
Wild Bill: Gonzaga 89-69

Sorry. Weak week. Not a single match up on Saturday or Sunday that involves two ranked teams.