Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MLB League Championship Series

Round two starts Thursday at 8:00. Get me all of your picks by then. 2 points for corrects series winner. 2 bonus points for correct series score. Both series are best of seven.

American League

Los Angeles Angels vs. New York Yankees

Actual Result: Yankees 4-2
Carmen: Yankees 4-1 (2pts)
Jeff: Yankees 4-2 (4pts)
Kubatski: Angels 4-2 (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Yankees 4-2 (4pts)
Marty: Yankees 4-1 (2pts)
McClain: Yankees 4-2 (4pts)
Murray: Yankees 4-2 (4pts)
Paulie: Yankees 4-2 (4pts)
Princess G: Yankees 4-2 (4pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Yankees 4-2 (4pts)
Scott: Angels 4-2 (0pts)
Wild Bill: Angels 4-2 (0pts)

National League

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Actual Scores: Phillies 4-1
Carmen: Dodgers 4-3 (0pts)
Jeff: Phillies 4-3 (2pts)
Kubatski: Dodgers 4-2 (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Dodgers 4-3 (0pts)
Marty: Phillies 4-3 (2pts)
McClain: Phillies 4-2 (2pts)
Murray: Dodgers 4-2 (0pts)
Paulie: Phillies 4-3 (2pts)
Princess G: Dodgers 4-3 (0pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Dodgers 4-2 (0pts)
Scott: Dodgers 4-2 (0pts)
Wild Bill: Phillies 4-2 (2pts)

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