Friday, February 13, 2009

NBA Game of the Week (Feb. 22)

Okay...I've got to get some NBA games on this thing. Here is how I'm going to do it. I don't follow the NBA closely, so I am going to put one game a week on the board. The easiest way for me to pick the "big game" is to go with the Sunday afternoon game on ABC. The nice thing about this is that I can usually post predictions easily on Sunday afternoons so that you can follow your scores on TV. I'm starting next sunday because this weekend is the All-Star break.

This is perfect. I finally post an NBA game and the biggest players in the game are out. Enjoy.

Sunday, February 22

Boston Celtics (+2) @ Phoenix Suns

Actual Score: Celtics 128-108
Carmen: Suns 105-97 (0pts)
Jeff: Celtics 101-87 (3pts)
Kubatski: Celtics 97-86 (3pts)
Kubatski Sr: Celtics 92-85 (3pts)
Marty: Celtics 110-102 (3pts)
McClain: Suns 123-103 (0pts)
Murray: Celtics 98-93 (3pts)
Paulie: Celtics 101-95 (3pts)
Princess G: Celtics 98-86 (3pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Celtics 97-89 (3pts)
Ryan G: Celtics 98-94 (3pts)
Scott: Suns 120-101 (0pts)
Wade: Celtics 107-96 (3pts)
Wild Bill: Celtics 105-96

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