Tuesday, December 1, 2009

NCAA Football (December 3rd & 5th)

I did a Thursday game this week so make sure you at least get that pick in before kick-off that night. I won't dock for a missed prediction.

I wanted to do that because everyone of these games is either a conference championship game or directly decides who will win the conference. It's pretty cool that the last regular season games in the Pac-10 and the Big East happen to be between the 1st and 2nd place teams in those conferences. Should be a good weekend of football. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 3rd

(16) Oregon State (+9.5) @ (7) Oregon

Actual Score: Oregon 37-33
Carmen: Oregon 36-27 (3pts)
Jeff: NONE
Kubatski: Oregon 36-31
Kubatski Sr: Oregon 37-31 (3pts)
Marty: Oregon 33-24 (3pts)
McClain: Oregon 30-24 (3pts)
Murray: Oregon 32-24 (3pts)
Paulie: Oregon 28-17 (1pt)
Princess G: Oregon 35-28 (3pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Oregon 34-30 (5pts)
Scott: Oregon 34-31 (3pts)
Wild Bill: Oregon 31-21 (1pt)

Saturday, December 5th

Big East
(5) Cincinnati (-0.5) @ (15) Pittsburgh

Actual Score: Cincinnati 45-44
Carmen: Cincinnati 30-27 (3pts)
Jeff: NONE
Kubatski: Cincinnati 31-30
Kubatski Sr: Cincinnati 30-24 (3pts)
Marty: Cincinnati 21-17 (3pts)
McClain: Pittsburgh 27-23 (0pts)
Murray: Pittsburgh 27-24 (0pts)
Paulie: Cincinnati 31-28 (3pts)
Princess G: Cincinnati 35-28 (3pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Pittsburgh 28-27 (0pts)
Scott: Cincinnati 28-17 (3pts)
Wild Bill: Pittsburgh 24-23 (0pts)

SEC (Georgia Dome - Atlanta, GA)
(1) Florida (-6.5) @ (2) Alabama

Actual Score: Alabama 32-13
Carmen: Florida 36-31 (2pts)
Jeff: Alabama 21-17 (3pts)
Kubatski: Florida 13-9 (2pts)
Kubatski Sr: Florida 24-17 (0pts)
Marty: Florida 31-24 (0pts)
McClain: Florida 24-17 (0pts)
Murray: Alabama 24-21 (3pts)
Paulie: Florida 45-35 (0pts)
Princess G: Florida 36-28 (0pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Florida 27-20 (0pts)
Scott: Florida 34-31 (2pts)
Wild Bill: Florida 31-17 (0pts)

Big XII (Cowboy Stadium - Arlington, TX)
(3) Texas (-14.5) @ (22) Nebraska

Actual Score: Texas 13-12
Carmen: Texas 42-27 (1pt)
Jeff: Texas 35-14 (1pt)
Kubatski: Texas 23-17 (3pts)
Kubatski Sr: Texas 33-17 (1pt)
Marty: Texas 35-24 (3pts)
McClain: Texas 35-20 (1pt)
Murray: Texas 31-28 (3pts)
Paulie: Nebraska 31-21 (2pts)
Princess G: Texas 36-24 (3pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Texas 31-13 (1pt)
Scott: Texas 35-21 (3pts)
Wild Bill: Texas 31-17 (3pts)

ACC (Raymond James Stadium - Tampa, FL)
(10) Georgia Tech (-1.5) @ Clemson

Actual Score: Georgia Tech 39-34
Carmen: Georgia Tech 33-31 (3pts)
Jeff: Clemson 27-24 (0pts)
Kubatski: Georgia Tech 38-16 (3pts)
Kubatski Sr: Georgia Tech 31-23 (3pts)
Marty: Georgia Tech 27-24 (3pts)
McClain: Georgia Tech 28-21 (3pts)
Murray: Georgia Tech 24-17 (3pts)
Paulie: Georgia Tech 28-24 (3pts)
Princess G: Georgia Tech 31-21 (3pts)
Ronnie “Butters” Rowe: Clemson 27-24 (0pts)
Scott: Georgia Tech 27-14 (3pts)
Wild Bill: Clemson 23-21 (0pts)

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