Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Standings (December 1st)

The latest standings are as follows:

Kubatski: 743
Carmen: 726
Butters: 725
Kubatski Sr: 709
Paulie: 654
Marty: 648
Murray: 640
Princess G: 627
Scott: 610
McClain: 568
Wild Bill: 561
Jeff: 548

These standings reflect everything we have predicted to date. The only predictions not included yet would be the pre-season NFL and college football. Most of the college football predictions will able to be scored soon. I think that anyone in the 700's could still win this thing, and I'm very curious to see how the battle in the Rowe household (Carmen vs. Butters) will play out.

I will try to update more often as the year winds down and will be sending out an exit interview soon. I want ideas for next year and volunteers to help manage this thing. Be on the lookout.

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